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Nepal>> National Park >> Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve - Animals & Birds

Animals found in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve :

English Name Scientific Name
Wild Elephant Elephas maximus
Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera Tigris
Leopard Panthera Pardus
Indian Fox Valpes bengalensis
Jackel Canis aurevs
Wild Boar Sus scrofa
Common Mongoose Herpestes eduivardsi
Porcupine Hystrix indica
Wild Cat Telis Chans
Swamp Deer Cervus duvauclli
Samber Deer Cerus unicolor
Spotted Deer Axix axis
Hog Deer Axix porcinus
Barking Deer Muntiacus mutjac
Blue Bull Boselapus fragocamelus
Hispid Hare Caproiagns hispidus
Black Naped Hare Lepns nigricollis
Marsh Crocodile Crocodyins balustris
Python Python molunus
Fly Squirrel Petaurista petauista
Three Striped Palm Squirrel Tunambulus entielus
Rhesus Monkey Macaca mulatta
Langur Presbytis entielus
Pangolin Manis crassicandata
Common Palm Cive Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
Common Otter Lutra lutra
Rhino Rhinocerous unicornis

The reserve is home to about 45 to 55 Wild Elephant (Elephas maximus) an endangered species, which seems to leave a constant trail of destruction. About 35 Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera tigris), an endangered species, inhabit the reserve preying on the abundant spotted deer. This is the highest densities of Tiger in the range countries.

About 268 species of birds have been recorded in the Reserve. Several species of endangered birds including the Bengal Florican (Eupodotis bengalensis) are found in the Reserve. Many grassland birds can be seen in the phantas.

Birds found in Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve :

English Name Scientific Name
Bengal Florican Eupodotis bengalenis
Common Beafowal Pavo cristatus
Pied Hornbill Anthracolerus malbaricns
Jungle Fowl Gallus gallus
Black Partrige Francolinus francolins

More then 300 species of birds can be seen in the Reserve.

Among the reptiles, Marsh Mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris), Indian Python (Python molurus), Monitor Lizard (Varanus monitor) and snakes like Cobra (Naja sp), Krait (Bungarus sp) and Rat snake (Ptyas mucosus) are recorded in this reserve.

The reserve is home to 21 species of fish including the Mahaseer, Rohu and Tenger.

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve
Physical Features
Animals & Birds


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